I am the oldest of eight children—and we grew up on a ranch in Southern Colorado, about 45 miles from Taos, New Mexico. My mother let me play with her oil paints when I was in my early teens, and I loved the messiness of the paints, the smell of turpentine, and because money was scarce, painting my artwork on the back side of oil cloth. Later, in college, I majored in Music Theory (what was I thinking?), but after a couple of years of slogging through that, I registered for a non-major drawing class. The day after my first class, I changed my major to Fine Arts. I knew I had found my passion!

About forty years later, after my children were raised and I was winding down a wonderful career in the quilting industry, I decided to venture back into the world of painting. I bought paints, supplies, and went to work. After some time, I hungered for some professional training, so I registered to attend Dixie State University, where I took classes taught by Del Parson, McGarren Flack, and Dennis Martinez.  After two and a half inspiring years, I decided it was time to develop my own way of painting, so I painted. I exhibited at every venue I could find, talked to gallery owners, went to museums, and then I met Carolyn Murset, who was writing the story of her Hispanic Grandmother set to music. Wilford Brimley produced her show, and Carolyn asked me to create some paintings to display in the lobby during the debut. I ended up painting a representation of all seven scenes, as well as the poster artwork. And that was my first real patron.  My own distinct style is emerging, and my paintings are expressionistic versions of people and stories I know! I try to present interesting people painted in delicious colors and unexpected backgrounds. And most of them are based on something I have experienced. I am honored to be part of the Sears Invitational at DSU, in St George, Utah, since 2019.